Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Terra Kulture as part of the Theatre@Terra project in collaboration with Jasonvision presents

A Gathering Of Eagles

3 Icons of African Theatre

Zulu Sofola/Femi Osofisan/Ahmed Yerima

(Live Drama every Sunday, October-December/13 Legendary Stage Plays)

Sunday October 7-
The Engagement
written by Femi Osofisan/directed by Sunkanmi Adebayo

Sunday October 14-
The Wizard of Law
written by Zulu Sofola/directed by Gbenga Adekanmbi

Sunday October 21-
written by Ahmed Yerima/directed by Segun Adefila

Sunday October 28-
The Twist
written by Ahmed Yerima/directed by Wole Oguntokun

Venue: Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island
Time: 3pm and 6pm (Every Sunday)
Tickets: N2000 / Students with I.D. N1500

Theatre@Terra is produced by Wole Oguntokun

For enquiries and tickets, please call- 0802 301 3778, 01-897 1691 or e-mail


Babawilly said...

Do you sleep at all? Na wa o. When I appear Lagos you will have to field a urine sample for drug screen o. Ehen.
All the best on the new projects.

Joy Isi Bewaji said...

well done laspapi, you are contributing immensely to nigerian art. ur dedication is inspiring. i shall repent of my nigerian ways (always busy, never having enough time to unwind), and come for one of your shows. then i shall introduce myself and remind you of a long time ago when you came to Festac to visit one small girl who was trying to improve her script-writing skills!

laspapi said...

Thanks babawilly- I sleep o! At the law school, my room-mate had a cousin who told her kin, "your room-mate's (me) always asleep when I come here". A doctor once told me my ability to lie down on a (clean) couch anywhere I can find one, is what keeps me going. I believe him. I have 2 vices- theatre/reading/writing/tv/cinema and sleep.

@ isi- You have my interest, Isi. I came to Festac? A long time ago?It will be good to see you and to recall.

Aramide said...

wish i cd attend :-/

thanks for stopping by on my blog

check out my new post on my friend's nysc registration process - HILARIOUS xxx

princesa said...

Tickets: N2000 / Students with I.D. N1500.
Bloggers nko? I hope free!
Would love to attend if i find the time.

Ms. Catwalq said...

My mom was taught by Zulu Sofola and she was the lead in a play that was a collabo between Queen's School Ede and the University of Ibadan...something about xmas...

great job bringing all these together.luv ya
have a greay day

laspapi said...

hello mona, how've you been? Been to your site already.

@ princesa- hope to see you there sometime soon. Bloggers free ke? You guys have money.

@ catwalq- Never met Prof Zulu Sofola, but have read a great deal about her lately. The play must have been "The Disturbed peace at Christmas". I paused after reading what you wrote and wondered how it must have been for them in that production. Theatre does that to me.

I thought I'd wake up thetre enthusiasts all around the land with these major writers. How are you, love?

Ms. Catwalq said...

My mom loved the experience. That was for her, a one time sojourn into near fame. She was about fifteen and was running lines and playing the love interest with men in the university.
She played a girl who gets pregnant for her co-star in a school play where she is the virgin mary.

*sob* I miss my mummy

laspapi said...

@ catwalq- I think I'll stage that play at Christmas.

Ms. Catwalq said...

My mother will faint

laspapi said...

It's on, catwa'q.