Saturday, October 20, 2007

My eyes went red on Thursday.

As I drove up the Ojuelegba Road traffic in my air-conditioned "tokunbo/belgium" car, windows all the way up, musing, strains of "Olorun mi mo wa dupe" filtered in from blaring recordshop speakers.
To my right, a tall man, about 6' 3" with the build of the lead African in La Amistad and Blood Diamond danced by the shop rows to the music. He was obviously an Ibo shop attendant, dressed in well/worn short sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers which had had the hem lowered twice to cover his ankles, but still wasn't doing its job. I could see the lines where the thread had been released. He danced on to the yoruba song, oblivious to the stares of onlookers.

Olorun mi mo wa dupe
Iwo l'oba to se t'ana
Iwo l'oba to se t'eni
O da mi l'oju o se t'ola
Olorun mi mo wa dupe

My God, I've come to give thanks
You did yesterday's
You did today's
I'm confident you'll do tomorrow's
My God, I've come to give thanks

To my left, just by my window, another man, also in sun licked clothing passed, wearing rubber boat like shoes. He carried a torn polythene bag, just going his way. His face told his story. Defeated by life. I sat and watched them both in turns, at how the dice has rolled for us all, by reason of birth, of simple choices made as youths, of parents with money or without, with common sense or the lack of it.

The song continued, Olorun mi, mo wa dupe.

I gritted my teeth, changed gears. Men don't cry.


Mimi said...


rethots said...

"...the dice has rolled for us all, by reason of birth, of simple choices made as youths,..."
Really!!! from the third side of the coin, i'd rather say exposure (or understanding). If one can't see (experience) or even imagine it, 'twill be difficult (quite difficult actually) to live it.
While somethings are not at our mercy to choose, the way we live life is totally dependant on us.

Initium said...

Real men cry...God save Nigeria...

Lola said...

1. i shoulda gone to church on sunday o! guilt is my daily pennance this week....

2. rethots - wow, u accurately put to words what i'm always saying to people re "if one can't see (experience) or even imagine it, 'twill be difficult (quite difficult actually) to live it." This is so apt for a lot of people i've come across here unfortunately. that spirit, maybe it's been beaten down sha...

Ms. Catwalq said...

Rethots said it.
I think u got what is considered a waking dream. You were presented with two examples of choices.
One chose to find only things for him to be greatful for. He danced with joy and gratitude and I am sure he has all he needs (needs not wants) whilst the other chose to wallow under the weight of his individual experience. neither one of us can pin point what they have both been through as neither one of the can do the same of us. My point is, i look at the rain and consider the plants that need to grow, the air and ground that need cooling and possibly skipping class. Others see a ruined day. Attitude creates your experiences

Joy Isi Bewaji said...

it is in us to achieve whatever it is we desire...


hmn!! food for thought. think i know that ibo dued though, hes always there, dancing!

Sherri said...

interesting,how our perception frame our very existence.

real men do cry.