Friday, May 25, 2007

7 earthly things (I was tagged by r)

Seven Things (You (probably, most likely) don’t know about me

Thing Number One:
I believe those you call your blood are not those whom you are tied to by birth, but those whom you would give your blood for. (Read that somewhere. I think it’s apt.)

Thing Number Two:
I don’t smoke or drink, never have, never developed a taste for it, which is a good thing seeing how I go mental sometimes. It’d be terrible to add intoxication to the mix.

Thing Number Three:
I’m fascinated by comics and novels. I know the real names of Spiderman, Batman, Superman and their love interests, the stories behind the origins of the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd, Iron man, The Vision, The Silver Surfer…and probably most of the trivia concerning major comic characters. Been reading comics all my life. I’d read MAD, Dandy, Jinty, Mandy, Whoopee, Buster, Crunch, 2000AD, Beano etc as a child. If Bessie Bunter, Billy’s boots, Roy of the Rovers, Darkie’s Mob, D-Day Dawson, “Glory” Hunter, Fuss Pot, Desperate Dan, Chalkie (Quick on the draw), Pongo Snodgrass, The Bumpkin Billionaires, Andy Capp, The Defenders or The Avengers walked past me, I’d recognize them. By the way, Nicholas Cage was a dreadful Ghost Rider. Toby McGuire still can’t convince me he knows whom Spiderman is. And that girlfriend of his in Spiderman 3? That’s Mary Jane Watson?

Thing Number Four:
My friend, Rashboot, and I, would phone the fire brigade as 9 year olds and watch the fire trucks careen past. I’m ashamed of those things now seeing that we don’t even have functioning fire-fighters any longer.

Thing Number Five:
I don’t take medication because I don’t fall ill. I can’t explain that. I hope I don’t jinx myself with this proclamation.

Thing Number Six:
My Genotype’s AA. Blood group’s O+

Thing Number Seven:
I’d like to work on the set of “Saturday Night Live”

I tag Waffy, Chude and Storm


Naija Vixen said...

Wow...u r an ardent comic lover!!! I agree Nic Cage was absolutely rubbish in Ghost Rider....uhm 'Papi...if u dont drink or smoke...what vice do u indulge in? ;-)

R said...

Thanks for taking the tag, Laspapi.

I love thing number one. I'm taking that one and owning it.

I've knocked on wood for you on number five and, SNL, eh? Interestting.

Mamarita said...

I would love to be a regular on SNL as well. Them people are mighty talented!

I'm O+ as well, if you ever need blood....HOLLA:)

Waffarian said...

Laspapi, I am a poster child for medication. I have everything possible in my "drug cabinet" including needles and syringes, heheheheh. My yellow "WHO" card is full, I have taken every possible vaccination there is, I had to get a new card last year.

Waffarian said...

Which reminds me, I should head to the vaccination center soon and "update" my blood with the latest in preparation for my Naija trip.

Unknown said...

You and I have # 2 in common...I don't drink or smoke...smoking was out of the question bcos I thought it was a dirty habit but for you I never developed a taste for alcohol and I have had several close friends tell me that I am wired enough as it is not to add alcohol to it.

I hope you get to work on SNL...I think the raw talent is absolutely out of this world...I did not realize until a few years ago that it was all completely spontaneous ...well scripted spontaneity...but then still.
Thanks for sharing!

? said...

Hi there. Great answers.

laspapi said...

vixen- at last, someone that recognises Cage was rubbish. He maxxed out his appeal in "Con Air". His only redeeming feature? He deliberately changed his surname to that of a comic chracter, "Luke Cage" or Power Man, a street-wise black Marvel comic character who had sheer physical strength and a body like the California governor's to match. His real name?-Nicholas Ford-Coppola. Yes, the great film director's his uncle. Which accounts for such a limited actor getting such great roles.

What vice, Vixen?- hehe.

@ r- Number one's real to me now, r, as sure as night will become day. That blood is thicker than water thing doesn't cut it. I've seen that time after time. Thank you for the No. 5 wishes.
And SNL? I can't tell you how I feel when I settle in to watch this.

@ mamarita- thanks for the kind hearted thoughts, but I hope I never have cause to revert to your offer. hehe.
Yeah, know the kind of work that isn't work? When I see that show, I'm glad to be alive. That cast is brilliant and so are their writers.
Mamarita, send in your own entries for the Naija bloggers anthology now?

@ waffy- you hypochondriac, you... I have nothing against vaccinations, or against medication either. I just don't fall ill and I'm grateful to God for that. Matter of fact, one would be insane not be vaccinated. Call me when you make Naija, or send e-mail?

@ jola- I don't know how I got to this place I stand on. I could drink ten bottles of coke at any one party when I was a teen, just couldn't down beer or spirits no matter how thirsty I was. And so the years have gone and what started as a day to day thing has decades behind it now.

SNL, Jola? You know when you see talent in other people and thank God for it? You can tell its spontaneous when you se those fools laugh at the silly things they have to read sometimes. Extra-ordinary cast and crew.

@ pseudo-independent. Thanks. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...



Idemili said...

We should probably get married, having the same blood group and genotype...Our kids would be super! LOL

Ok, what's this about the blogger book? Do we hand in items by ourselves?Or do we nominate other people's entries?

laspapi said...

Blogger-General, thought you were insane when I read this comment then went to your blog and had it confirmed.
Don't forget to submit that post I commented on, for the anthology.

@ idemili (the goddess with a sweet-tooth) Can a goddess marry "the whisperer"? What kind of half-castes would those be? Would they have super-powers?

You may submit up to five of your works yourself but a maximum of three for any single blogger will be published. Send your submissions to

Thanks for stopping by, Idemili.

Anonymous said...

oh i knew the thing number one... and i agree with it completely. oh i know thing number 2(i'm a bit different cos um... well.. i um... drink.. um.. sometimes... lol... i even started from an early age drinking palm wine although i didn't know it was alcoholic at the time... my grandpa was a palm wine tapper so every morning when we went home for christmas we used to gather around the table and drink the fresh palmy before he mixed it which is the best way to have it)

well i sort of know thing number three(lol when you came on my blog informing me about 'short man devil' and the like...)'

lmao@thing number 4... you really were a little devil back then weren't you?!

Anonymous said...

thing number 5... i never really take pills cos i just hate em... and i hardly ever fall sick... well other than sometime migraines and colds and coughs... i don't remember my blood type.. and i just found out about your love for snl.. i'll do this in my next post or the one after that

Anonymous said...

lmao@blogger general's comment.. i acually didn't like this person before cos they left a comment tha was semi-rude on my blog but he/she atoned for it... and promised to make me an officer in their republic... so all is forgotten..

laspapi said...

@ Storm- "oh i know thing number 2(i'm a bit different cos um... well.. i um... drink.. um.. sometimes"- You sipping saint....

That comic thing? if comics could translate into I.T., I'd be Bill Gates.

Good Storm, take the tag.

I couldn't figure our what the darned "blogger general" was on about, then I went to his blog and read the hilarious story of his conferment.

Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . AA genotype, blood group O. Is that possible? I thought the OO genotype expresses O blood group and the AA and AO genotypes express the A blood group. Or are you referring to a genotype for a different trait, like comic book affinity or illness resistance . . . ?

Anonymous said...

@papi....Nic Cage's real name is Nicholas Kim Coppola and I am not a fan either.

I saw his last film "NEXT", and I felt I just wasted $10 for nothing. I don't know why Hollywood would sign an arugbo to play an action role like that....not even a good looking arugbo for that matter.

laspapi said...

@ Dr Anon- "Hmm . . . AA genotype, blood group O. Is that possible?"

Yeah, it is, Anon- mine, 4 siblings (and idemili). That's been confirmed by separate health organizations who've asked and obtained blood donations from me for close to two decades. The medical-speak makes me suspect you like medicine.

Nick Cage? His middle name's "kim" and not "ford"? Well, ok, Francis Ford Coppola's his father's brother, sha.
Tell me something, did you dig up this info after you read about him here or have you always known this? You seem to have an aversion to him. I do too, actually.

lol at "comic book affinity or illness resistance . . ."

Anonymous said...

I've always known that about Nick (thanks to my love of an American classic The God father..I researched...I wanted to know more about the man behind such an orignal screen play-- Francis...and got to know more of the family tree)...and yes Francis F. Copola is his Uncle (Sofia's father). - Sofia (you may remember her as Al pacino's daughter in the God father). She was the gunned down beauty.

She's blossomed into an academy award wining director. Unlike Nick, she knew her calling...and didn't try to become an actress because she had played one by begging dad for it once is what I'd say that is.

Yeah...I've got an aversion to old folks playing young roles...when they're a million and one agile actors who could do it better.

Why do you think Spidy's doing much better? Take Superman too, Brandon Routh was practically unknown except for one time soap lovers like myself ..who first met him on One life to live. He exceeded the expectations for movie goers in Superman returns and he'll be back for another.

Old arugbos and action flicks just don't go well together.

laspapi said...

I know Sofia as Francis F.C.'s daughter and a brilliant director in her own right but had no idea she was in God Father II(?) as well, probably the only sequel that ever worked apart from the New Testament.

And yeah, smart is what she is. I saw Cage in Con Air and the only memorable thing about him there was the song played, "How do I live without you". As a cop who shared his lottery winning ticket (cant remember the title, it was that bad), he was deplorable, as an angel in City of Angels, he was hideous, and as Ghost Rider, you just wished, he'd break his neck on that bike.
Still, it's a lesson that the right connections will get you very far, forget talent.

Sha, anon, have mercy on "arugbos" because we all will get there someday. Jack Nicholson is still firing from both cylinders well into his 60s but I guess he doesn't want to play Robin or Superboy. By the way, I heard he made a killing from playing the Joker, tying his renumeration to the film's sales etc

I do not think much of Toby Mcguire as Spiderman, as a matter of fact, the Green Goblin's son, Harry, would have been better. Unfortunately, I am not a Hollywood Producer.

I love movies as much as I love comics. This has been refreshing. Thank you.