Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's a new blogger in town. A "nuisance" called Blogger-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but he's very good to read. See an excerpt from his post on West African Idols - Are Idols not from West Africa? below:

When i see handsome guys and handsome gal dey chase Idol like say na from village dem dey remote dem, fear catch me for dis generation. Everywhere person turn, na idol. I come confuse. Wetin dey responsible for the emergence of Sango, Eshu, Obatala, etc etc for dis blackberry, ipod age.

De time wey I first hia idol, I dey wonder. Sango don get reality show for DSTV? As I come no get DSTV now (I neva become Blogger-General dat time) I no understan’ de ting. De last time I hia anything about Sango, Amadioha and co na dat time wey Baba ex-presido appoint plane-dropping Borishade as Minister of Culture.
Immediately the appointment enter news naim the gods carry placard go Aso Rock say make Baba comot Borishade from their ministry. Dem dey fear say, as Borishade dey drop plane, naim im go take carry im bad luck come the council of the gods. So dem carry the placard go Aso Villa, but Baba and Atiku dey fight dat time, so baba no get time.
I bin tink say the gods go resign their position. Hope come dey for my jobless soul say I go fit send application:
Application for the Position of god of women and money

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Naija Vixen said...

lol...dude is funny!!! Well now Idols is over,i wonder what peeps will do for fun...sigh

Aramide said...

lollllllllll the guy has jokes

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...very funny! laspapi d man! i de hail o! no worries i go tell u later why i de hail u. Mr presido of blogsville, na wa o! u de cause como for.....(u knw where).anyways just thought to holla! and abeg tell oga general to leave my old bobo Oruma out o! hin no age reach so abeg! although hin wowor like amala...hehehehe. see ya soon!

laspapi said...

@ vixen- Big Brother Africa's starting again, cheer up, dami.

@ mona- I think so too, mona

@ anon- are you who I think you are? Thank you for stopping by. I'll talk to the General.

Naija Vixen said...

I know oh! The naija contestant is not going to win lets just make that clear...hee hee! Oya update now!

Nilla said...

LOL....I'm off to go welcome him to blogsburg!

How are you doing?

laspapi said...

vixen- I've updated o

@ nilla- doing ok, girl. And you?

Anonymous said...

hello laspapi,yes its me...(who u think i am) thanks,catch ya soon!

laspapi said...