Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Guardian published my "Open letter to our Commander(s)-in-Chief" last Sunday. This should satisfy the bloggers who feel my tirade should have been given more coverage.

By the way, there's an open letter to God (on the Nigerian issue) coming up this week. I wrote this new letter because I was fairly certain our C-in-Cs wouldn't bother with the one I addessed to them. After pouring my venom on paper (I wasn't near my laptop), I couldn't find the strength to type, but that'll be done shortly.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately many of our leaders are so insulated from their world that they don't even read the dailies!

Anonymous said...

Also I'll suggest you make PDF copies of your articles, particularly on The Guardian - the site is notorious for not having an archives of their article.

Anonymous said...

Nuff said!
....I just beg the new government if they only do one thing ... they should please sort out electricity..for love of God!

Nothing else...hopefully that not much to ask.

laspapi said...

you got that right, imnakoya. Do they even drive on the roads we move on? These are rulers, not leaders. Thanks for the PDF tip

@ refinedone- we wait.