Friday, May 04, 2007

According to Dare Obasanjo, child of the outgoing President of Nigeria, the person in the picture is “One of the servants sitting down on the bed of his one room apartment. You can see the entire apartment in this shot.”

The occasion was his father's 70th birthday party which he came down to Nigeria for. There were pictures of giraffes, lions, revelling party guests and even one of a dead cockroach. True.
No, the giraffes, cockroach and lions were not guests (well, who knows, really? This is Nigeria) First saw this picture of the servant on imnakoya's blog where HRH, the Prince of Otta, Dare Obasanjo himself came to exchange harsh words in the comments section with some bloggers who dared query the display of opulence.

I trust no crazy comments, anonymous or otherwise, will be placed here sha. This is a tranquil blog and I don't want to call anyone's father, names.

Is Dare's family claiming Wole Soyinka is 3 years older than their father, Aremu? Hehehe.

I don't think I have seen a picture convey as much sadness as this one of "the servant" does. "In the midst of plenty..."

The good looking couple in the other pic- Dare Obasanjo and his sister, Funke. You may see the other 124 photos of the party here. Copyright-Dare Obj.


Anonymous said...

He kinda took it back
I guess it was a 'mistake'.

I find it weird that the guy didnt bother striking a pose for the pic, maybe he was too tired or just couldnt be bothered.

Anywhoo, the party looked like fun. I think Dare has a crush on his sister's bestfriend,so many pics of her,lolol. He's the splitting image of his dad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "cool-headed" comment on GP. The display of arrogance is hard to ignore particularly given the messy election drama. Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

Dont know how I got to posting comments on blogs - never liked them, still dont think I do. I blame Wole (Laspapi) for encouraging me to even take a peek at his.

I am unsure why there's this hoo ha about Dare's comments and the pics. I looked thru them and all I noticed was: amidst the plenty, there was too little class. Green chairs in a beige corridor, obese guests, obviously unhappy servants and tatty security detail; a president's son that labels kudu, 'gazelle', and his comment against pic 2287 which paraphrases as: reporters mobbing my dad after he "casted" his vote.

Come on, do these demand that much attention?

Wordsbody said...

The guy didn't strike a pose for the pic because he didn't want to be in it.

The body language also says a lot about how domestic staff are sometimes expected to cower and be subservient in the presence of their 'masters'. Looking the master - or his camera - in the eye can be a cardinal sin.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Remember.

Yinka Oguntokun:
You're dead on; there was precious little class. But the pics deserve attention because there is a fundamental principle to be fought over here, concerning the picture of the help especially. The treatment of domestic staff in many middle & ruling class households in Nigeria is a major problem for people who believe in basic human rights.

Dare Obasanjo asked on Imnakoya why people were getting angry on behalf of the 'help', afterall, the chap hadn't complained. Does the chap have access to the net? Can he complain when he can't even tell Dare to get the hell out of his room? Questions, questions.

Dare Obasanjo should understand, that every man and every woman is a star.

Hell, the help probably looks better than all the Baba Iyabo's clan shoving their mugs in our faces in those pics.

Anonymous said...

"good looking couple"

you were being ironic, Laspapi.

laspapi said...

I have my ways, funlayo

Unknown said...

gaddemit see their faces. guess u cant have it all...

laspapi said...

hehe, chameleon.

Unknown said...'s like the president spat them out.

laspapi said...

strong genes, jola

AishaIbrahim Photography said...

All i see from the pix of the Help is a broken spirit....this makes me Really, really sad :(