Monday, June 04, 2007

Baba (President Obasanjo) is gone now and as an elderly gentleman said to me, he will be judged by posterity.

There were many (including laspapi) who complained of the hardships caused by his policies, but many also said he was sincere in his aim to steer Nigeria aright.

For a man thought to be highly insensitive and draconian, he, it was, who appointed El-Rufai, the man that "demolished" Abuja back into the beauty it was always meant to be, Dora Akinluyi of Nafdac who saved the lives of millions of Nigerians and Soludo who gave meaning to banking and many others.

He didn't get the security of the people right and under him many died who might not have if the police had been better trained and armed. Electricity was also never sorted under Obj. But this 2-time leader left footprints on the sands of time, footprints many will look at closely and judge for many years to come.We will know in a few years if history should be kind to him. He was the first Nigerian President I ever shook hands with, but also one I had no qualms in calling names when I felt he deserved it. What is a "public servant" after all, if not someone you can call names?

laspapi has two words for him as he goes.

"Adieu Obasanjo".


miss.fab said...

I saw "adieu obasanjo" and thought... WHAT!!! hehehe.. For a second I thought he was dead. Close call. Hmmmm..

Anyway, you're right. Inasmuch as people love to hate him, and even though he could certainly have done better, the fact is he didn't just sit down for 8 years doing nothing. I really hope our new president at least tries to pay more attention to those services we really need.. like constant electricity and water.

Oh, and by the way, I'm first! hehehe

Unknown said...

Personally, i don't like dwelling on the past. I like looking forward. The baton has been apssed to Yaradua. I'll rather start scrutinizing him now.

Nobody said Obj didn't do anything. What WE..ok, scratch that. What I am saying is that the things he didn't do surpassed the ones he did and from simplae arithmetic, the results shouldn't be far-fetched.

laspapi said...

Unwritten, the word "adieu" does that to me sometimes.
Obasanjo had many sides, we'll see what history says.

For being first, you get 2 free tickets to my next show. If you're not in the country, they'll be delivered to any person you choose.

@ ugo- I understand what you mean, Ugo. An elderly gentleman inspired this post when he gave Obasanjo a passmark today. I thought to myself, "there are different views on his tenure"

Unknown said...

It is hard for me to judge his leadership properly since I left the country just as he was becoming president...but I did see a few changes during his time. For one thing...the GSM lines that were introduced were a blessing in terms of communicating with folks back home although I mentioned this the other and someone shot me down saying it had nothing to do with HIM but more with the times. Qui sait? I know it will take me a while to adjust to Prezzie Yardie but we'll see.

I like what you wrote about him though...nothing is just business.

I would hate to see him try to run again in four years (as some others have tastelessly tried to do in this past dispensation)...if that happens I think people have permission to use koboko to knock him out

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i think the bad overshadows the good sometimes... but he's gone.. it's a new season... hopefully instead of everyone waiting to see what happens... each person can become more active in their role as citizens...

u know i dont really subscribe to the name calling of any leader... cuz i feel no matter what they are in a position of authority and shud be accorded some sort of respect...

Zayzee said...

obj tried. obj did not try. obj gave us gsm. obj before leaving added 10% VAT. the guy loves us, and he hates us. he is gone, but his evils and good deeds remains. i love him and i hate him.

laspapi said...

@ jola- Our new wine in old skin...?

@ hawk- sometimes I just get frustrated. Who else can you call names but the hired help? ;D

@ uzezi- talk about ambivalence.