Friday, June 01, 2007


picture copyright-laspapi


Waffarian said...

Laspapi, nice picture, it is beautiful.

Idemili said...

Who is Nneka? I thought I was the only Igbo woman in your life?

I'm going to flagellate myself. I will not stop until you tell me that I'm the only one...and put up a nicer photo for me to enjoy.LOL

Great photo by the way.

laspapi said...

Thank you, waffy.

@ idemili (the goddess with a sweet tooth)
I am the Girl Whisperer, called to the world. You must accept that o! (hehehe).

Refinedone said...

You seem to have a good eye for taking photos' or was it the "company"? :)

Unknown said...

Breathtaking...thanks for sharing

Kiibaati said...

Was listening to Ajasa's Yoruba hiphop CD and he said (I paraphrase) " Life is hard in Las Gidi".

Where is Las Gidi? Nice picture. I'd like to know where it came from. Same place Ajasa was rapping about?

laspapi said...

Las Gidi is Lagos, kiibaati, just like New york is Gotham.

Anonymous said...

Yep -- Las Gidi is Lagos
Chi town is Chicago
City of Brotherly love - Philadelphia -- (i think it should be called fat city-- too many emmm...well the philly cheese steaks show up in unflattering places :-) )
Chocolate City- Washington DC
Detroit - (Motown or Motor City)

Papi..any other names for Naija Cities...d only one I know is Lasgidi.

Anonymous said...

Chicago.. Windy City

laspapi said...

I don't know any other names for cities in this country except you count the inane things written on number plates. Some of those things are really daft.