Sunday, June 17, 2007


A Season of Wole Soyinka produced by laspapi in collaboration with the British Council/Nigeria & Terra Kulture will commence on Sunday the 1st of July 2007 and through every Sunday in July.

Sunday July 1- Who's Afraid of Wole Soyinka?- written by Wole Oguntokun

Sunday July 8- The Lion and the Jewel- directed by Tunji Sotimirin

Sunday July 15- Death and the King's Horseman- directed by Segun Adefila

Sunday July 22- Camwood on the Leaves- directed by Lekan Balogun

Sunday July 29- The Jero Plays (Trials of Brother Jero & Jero's Metamorphosis)
directed by Wole Oguntokun

All plays will be at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island and there will be two shows every Sunday at 3pm and 6pm.

Tickets- N2000 each


dScR?Be said...

Wow!!! R u serious?? This is a VERY genius idea, well done laspapi. I really hope lots of people take advantage of the opportunity. I love Wole Soyinka's works esp. the Lagos Madman.
Great Job

Uzo said...

Very very interesting....I should add this to my social calendar for the month

laspapi said...

@ 2nd Cor- Thank you for the words of encouragement.

@ Uzo- please make the programme part of your July, uzo.

Anonymous said...

Why just in Nigeria! Ooooooh! I am so angry, Las.


Anonymous said...

hey laspapi..i sent u an email concerning d comment u left on my page

Anonymous said...

wow!i am impressed i can see u are doing well for ur self....

Frances Uku said...

hi wole,
if time permits you to gist us about your rehearsal process as well as the performances, i'd be a very eager listener!

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Laspapilolo, how you doing? Nice weekend? I'm sure the shows will be fun. 2000Naira is really reasonable, me thinks. So do you act as well? Or you're always the 'brain' behind it? I wonder if you're cool with Mr Tade Ogidan? I think you guys will get along, and dont ask me how i know, i just know:D I watched Diamond ring for the first time yday, i didnt know Tejubabyface played Chidi, really good acting.

Anonymous said...

why nah! why do good things happen when im away! not fair (throwing tantrums now) . will there by any plays mid /end of august? ta

Refinedone said...

Cool! should beable to catch a couple :)

Mimi said...

awwwwwwwwwww moments like this make me wish i was in nigeria. sob sob sob.

i love love love Trials of Brother Jero and The Lion and the Jewel!

so sad!

well done Laspapi!

laspapi said...

@ Idemili- I'm sorry, Ide. Maybe we might get sponsorship to take these things around after "the season..." here. If it comes, that'd be magnificent.

@ pink satin- Thanks for stopping by, satin, you haven't done too badly with producing either.
I couldn't find the mail. Checked, nothing. You might have mistyped the address?

@ frances- ah, frances, you're a thespian at heart. I'd be willing to do that. The different directors have started work now and there'll be lots of info soon.
ps- got your submissions for the anthology. Thanx.

@ omosewa- I'm still gonna sue for for name-mauling, child of beauty. Do you know OGD and I have never met formally? Its incredible, since I seem to know almost all of the people he's worked with. I think highly of his work. He and I will meet soon, I'm sure.

@ hurdle- sorry our time isn't in synch with yours at the present moment but there'll be other shows. In august, I'll be by the sands of the sea at Badagry, recharging batteries but soon after, there'll be other things.

@ refinedone- that'll be nice. Come join the party!

@ ~mimi~ Someday soon, laspapi will have a production in the city in which you live. You hang on. In the interim, I'll hoist the flag here.
Don't forget to tell me when you want pink satin and opeke "blog-napped" for any dis-satisfaction you have with B-Idols. hehe.

laspapi said...

pinky, seen your mail. It was there all the while.

Chude! said...

broda wole!!!

that's how you didnt call me again on sunday o?!?!??!!

I am very sure that you have no use for mne again dasswhy!lol

Anonymous said...

well i certainly hope i'll be able to catch one of your shows during my next visit to nigeria.

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

I especially love the Jero Plays(Trials of Brother Jero) I will definitely try to be there for at least one...Who's Afraid of Wole Soyinka? Also sounds interesting... It would have been nice to see all, but... who knows?
Las, I'm a tad jealous of you because your work is your hobby (if I'm correct)...I wish I could do a job like yours cos it seems like so much fun! Good job!

laspapi said...

@ chude- already sent you mail.

@ diamond- It would be good to have you there.

@ nyemoni- looking forward to meeting you at one of the shows. Heard an Oscar acceptance speech once where the recipient quoted Robert Frost: "My mission in life is to unite my avocation and my vocation as my two eyes are one in sight." You're right, My work is my hobby, and it can be very fulfilling.

Unknown said...

Soyinka is an enigma of sort, an epitome of class and integrity. Would have loved to attend but unfortunately, 9ja too far, right now.

Kudos to you guys!

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

LOL, okay i'll think up a new name, Laspapilolo is cute though hehehe:D

Anonymous said...

funny how i came here to ask you to put up a reminder. will make as many of the shows as i can & will introduce myself afterwards if the opportunity presents itself.

this is going to be very exciting!

Anonymous said...

tickets are available at the door, correct?

laspapi said...

@ ugo- thanks for the good wishes, ugo. There'll be other shows you might be able to be part of.

@ omosewa- you better think up a new name quickly. The 'boys' have instructions to rush you on sight. How are you, beautiful child?

@ b- tickets are available at the door, b. If the opportunity for an intro doesn't present itself, please create it. Thanks for the support.

Refinedone said...


b,please introduce yourself :)

laspapi said...

refinedone? b isn't meeting with you, why would you want an intro?
how are you doing?

Refinedone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Refinedone said...

ok.. it was to you...ah!
sorry o!! make i comot mysef, before i spoil papi sho!