Sunday, October 28, 2007


At least one person took serious offence at the issue of virgins, using strong words to express her disapproval. I chose not to publish.

One thing is obvious though, many women feel very strongly about the issue of their virginity (Or the lack of it). I respect that.

I hold on to the position that the females in my story didn't tell the truth and made themselves out to be what they were not. I have met truth-tellers before.

However, can't we all be friends and bury the weapons of war? (That wasn't a sexual pun, I swear).


Ms. Catwalq said...

Virginity has been taught to the woman as her one bargaining chip in the world to be able to get the right's a frustrating burden to carry.

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

Oh you must have meant the weapons of lust and love? ;-)

Sherri said...

"it's a frustrating burden to carry."
only if u buy into that crap..
the only bargaining chip is beautifully encased in the cranium my dear sister.
it's very sad to see women continue to debase themselves in the most ridiculous of ways, i just read that hymen reconstructive surgery is in high demand.. the mockery! lol

Uzo said...

Where did this all stem from?

My 2 cents said...

Why would anyone lie about being a virgin?? Beats me!! It 2007 for scremaing out loud who in the world cares about things like that.

lemonade factory said...

it sure beats my imagination,as to what extent ppl would go claiming to be who they are not
fine,its a thing of pride to be a virgin but if u aint suck it up and live with it,telling such lies doesnt cash u no dollars at the bank.
i think only a fool and an insecure lady will tell such a lie who cares abt them stuff these days