Friday, February 16, 2007

5 more

After consideration and due thought, I felt it was right for me to add another 5 of the world's most attractive women. This is according to laspapi. Those who disagree should take no offence but I personally think these are lovely women.

As in the previous post, laspapi's friends are not part of the list. (Well, I cheated the last time, Peju Alatishe is a friend)

Essence Atkins (Actor-Deliver us from Eva) (See picture)

Lauryn Hill (Singer)

Julia Roberts (Actor- Pretty Woman, Ocean's 12)

Portia De Rossi (Actor- Ally McBeal) (She's also gay)

Uma Thurman (Actor- Kill Bill, Be Cool)


Nilla said...


Your attractive ladies list is growing :-)

Happy belated vals day!

laspapi said...

was wondering where you upped and left for, nilla. Why didn't you send a card on Val's day?
I've put up a total of 13 ladies now which isn't bad considering the fact we have close to 3 billion women on this planet.

jak said...

Lauryn Hill made the list... Yippeee... She is my ideal beauty... and there are a few others like Kerry Washington and Genevieve Nnaji for the curves... tee hee

laspapi said...

lauryn hill...she's beautiful. Genevieve doesnt do it for me

jak said...

Genevieve, hmm... So far no Naija lady on both lists - tell me there is at least one Naija beauty who tickles your fancy... :)

laspapi said...

ah-ah, damsel, Peju Alatishe was on the first list and she's as Nigerian as they come.

Aramide said...

I thought my name would finally come up here hehehe laspapi pourquoi?

laspapi said...

wrote at the beginning, mona. Friends of laspapi arem't allowed to be part of the list. As for you sha, my terms are long plan, hehehe.