Monday, February 26, 2007

The Ghanerian Idol

The producers of West African Idol have lost the plot.

Firstly, this competition that was meant to be open to participants from all over West Africa took place in only two countries, Nigeria and Ghana.

Secondly, the auditions in Ghana had, at least for a part of the event, only two judges, Nana and Dede. Dan Foster was missing in action. How two judges agreed on who was to be taken to the next stage and who was not, was beyond myself and other viewers. Previously, it had been sufficient that two out of the three judges said “Yes”. What they did in the event of a deadlock between the two judges in Ghana wasn’t explained to us.

Furthermore, it became apparent that because the producers sought a wider representation of West African citizens for their ambitiously-named reality show, totally mediocre singers claiming to be from Liberia or some other unrepresented nation were allowed to go through to the next stage while stronger voices were dropped. I saw this happen.

So truthfully, this maiden edition should be tagged “The Ghanerian Idol”.

For those who rise to the defence of all that is African, no matter how shoddy the presentation is, it’s time to tell ourselves the truth. The producers of American Idol wouldn’t have dared film an episode with only two judges, but here, it went on, for some unfathomable reason. It would have taken nothing to have an auxiliary judge, or to just have waited for Foster’s eventual appearance.

There are 24 contestants left now but I’m tired of the lack of intelligence the producers seem to think runs amongst the programme’s viewers.


Noni Moss said...

lol - if it vexes you soo much - stop watching it!

Anonymous said...

lmao@noni moss's comment.. dont mind laspapi oh.. he's secretly enjoying the show and can't wait for the day he can become a contestant and belt out Lagbaja's Konko Below... but he knows that we'll remember his past rants and point them out... so he's just keeping up the facade that he hates the show... but the real truth is that papi loves him some idol.. lol

Anybody who supports my motion that Laspapi should audition for the next season of West African Idol press 202:
202(I pressed mine in 'capital numbers' which means.. I STRONGLY AGREE!!!)lol

Aramide said...

funny im the only one not following it but yea i've been hearing abt the Ghana thing - keep us posted pls

laspapi said...

@ noni- maybe I'll take your advice. I get upset each time I see tat programmes.

@ Storm- I swear I hate that show. It's good to see some singers with talent but the shoddy preparation by the producers gets to me. If you see me on that show, please disown me. I suspect I'd leap across the set and strangle me a judge or two.
As for Lagbaja's "Konko below", those judges prefer R Kelly and Co. All the Ghanaian aspirants were asked to sing "I believe I can fly" in addition to their song choice. After a while, I almost threw my TV through a window.

@ mona- Thank you, thank you, mona, for letting noni and Storm know you've heard of the Ghana auditions fiasco too. There'll be more on this.

laspapi said...

Nilla left a comment here yesterday just as I posted. Because I posted the topic 2ce by mistake, I pressed delete on one, and it ran off with her comment.
Sorry, Nilla, you know I need your presence around me.
Please leave that comment again.

Naijadude said...

Hahahha me love the Ghananerian version jare...
Just like Overwhelmed said I press 202!!!! Rock on Laspapi!!
But abegi no throw the tv out of the window, just watch something else!

Nilla said...

You know, I came back here. When I didn't see the comment, I was wondering if blogger was at it again, or I thought the comment went through when it didn't. Anyways I was too tired to post again. And today I've forgotten what I wanted to

laspapi said...

@ naijadude- I'll try to control myself. It wont be an easy task.

@ nilla- my mistake. I'll be careful next time.