Monday, February 05, 2007

The Bold, the Cool and the Beautiful.

Went to the recording of Funmi Iyanda’s “New Dawn” today and cornered Funmi after, to appear in my new ‘blog-column’(See picture-funmi & laspapi). Funmi who had resolved not to do interviews this year couldn’t resist laspapi’s charms.

Middle name?

Where will you be in 10 years?
I’d like to have built a platform to powerfully tell the Nigerian story; stories out of Africa, told professionally and creatively. I’d also like to raise a platform to train girls in different parts of the media. I’d like to build a platform to engage a whole new generation and to develop practical strategy for a new society. It’s a long term goal.

Political ambition?
It becomes clearer as the days go by that you must be in a position (politically) to make actual change. I don’t know how that will happen.

Have you ever loved?
Oh yeah

Do you believe in true love?
There’s no such thing. There are no absolutes in life so why do we expect it in love? I think two people can meet at a particular time and deeply connect. If they wish to nurture the relationship, then it goes on.

Funmi and I played Words and Associations:

Love………(She laughs)

Sex………Ha! A bigger laugh.

Marriage……(She sneers)

Laspapi……………Aah. A big hug.


Who do you look up to?
I don’t look up to people, I have people I deeply respect and admire. I’d say my friend, Bose Afolabi (N.B. by laspapi- Bose is a gynaecologist, a lecturer at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and one of the best read people I know)

Your concept of God?
It’s very hard to imagine all I see in the universe has no design. There must be a superior intellect.

Favourite perfume?
Agent Provocateur

Favourite Clothes maker?
It depends on the look I’m trying to achieve.

A word for posterity?
My deepest desire is to exist in an environment where each and every person has a good chance if he or she wills, to become the best of their design-What they were uniquely created to be.

Can you see your unborn children in my eyes?
(She shakes her head in a firm “no”)


Nilla said...

lol @ the last question.

Nice interview.

Anonymous said...

I love her responses... "My deepest desire is to exist in an environment where each and every person has a good chance if he or she wills, to become the best of their design-What they were uniquely created to be.".... that's the truth... i think i've seen pictures of her somewhere although i'm not quite sure who she is... cute picture by the way.. and fantastic interview!

laspapi said...

Thanx, nilla, thanxs Storm.

Storm doesn't know who funmi is? Funmi and Agatha are probably the two most important independent producers/hosts on the Nigerian tube.
Funmi rules the entirety of breakfast tv and Agatha, the nights.

Funmi's blog is

Mamarita said...

"Can you see your unborn children in my eyes?"
I like that, I like it a lot, infact I like it so much I want to make love to it...LOL

jak said...

Hey Mr, do you have a crush on Funmi Iyanda? Fess up...

laspapi said...

hmm... mamarita.
Tell me, that pic of the 'reunion' on your blog, which one are you?

@ damsel- Some people are under that impression but 'tis not so. In her work, she's 'A woman called Moses'. I'm her 'Joshua' and that's official.

Aramide said...

Nice skin she has there......ohhhh lucky u!! Got to interview her and many times ve u been on her show?

laspapi said...

maybe 9 or 10 times. This last time, just went to hang out with her.

Anonymous said...

qhLaspapi, a very beautiful posting here. as a young chap, just out of secondary boarding school (disconnected from Tv for six yrs); I was introduced to Funmi by my tv and i fell in love with her almost immediately. she had charisma and a powerful ability to indulge you. There was so much motivation, entertainment and social awareness on her show. i actually made my entirely family fall in love with her too because i had to watch her every morining... i remember now that i was always sad whenever NEPA stole a morning with her away from me. Even now, university education has put a bigger barrier btw us.
Thanks for bringing her up close, i followed the link to her blog and am really amazed and inspired by the contents of her writing.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Can you see your unborn children in my eyes?"

Funmi RAWKS o! I confess I have moved up the time for some appointments because I wanted to catch up on her show.

laspapi said...

@ Ifeanyi- you captured funmi's essence in a nice way.

@ babs- She's got the power!

feefey said...

oh laspapi, so thats you,my 1st tym eva,lovely lady; she's also very intelligent, funmi rocks'and u too

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog laspapi, but the sucking up big time is really beginning to get to me now.