Thursday, February 01, 2007

The new 419. Below is a scam letter. How do the citizens of the most 'developed' nations of the world fall for this?


I am Senator Jubril Aminu, the senate committee chairman on foreign affairs with the upper legislative council in my country, please I am interested in purchasing a good helicopter from your company needed for my family crusing during their stay in your country as we are making plans to relocate to your country due to political threats, please let me know if you can do this for me.

Thank you and looking forward to your responds.

Senator Jubril Aminu.
72 Asu Drive way.Senatorial Quaters,Apo.Federal Capital Territory,(FCT)Abuja. Nigeria.
+234 80 512 17 2


Anonymous said...

LOL this is more of the silly ones that not many people would fall for :)

Unfortunatly 419 still lives strong, but with the help of websites like these scammers are having a hard time finding victims.

Take a look that their "mugu museum" lol, it's unreal!

take care,

laspapi said...

Hello PJ,
I'll be sure to look. The 419 madness hasn't helped the image of this country in any way.

Mak said...

I had someone once call me and ask me if I knew that "your money has arrived?" he said his name was "obiora ekwueme".

How on earth do these people ever get with these lame scams?

laspapi said...

there can't be many more lines lamer than "your money has arrived".

Anonymous said...

You ask, "How can people still fall for a 419 scam?" I answer that question in the first of five short stories in my book, "Don't Be Scammed - Be informed!" You might want to have a look at that book, and my other 419 novel, Nigerian 419 Scam "Game Over!" Both are available in Nigeria, should you care to pick them up. Just ask me where and I will tell you.

Some 419 scams today do not play on people's greed. The Classified Ad Scam, Employment Scam and Romance Scams do not work on the target/victim's 'greed.' All three of those scams are covered in the first book I mentioned.

If you would like to talk a photo tour through the World Premier Counter-419 Art Show that was held in Spain, visit my website and click on Free Short Stories.

Cheers, BW

Anonymous said...

lmao... naija keeps thinking up ways man.. holy!!!

Aramide said...


laspapi said...

still laughing too, mona.