Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogger's gone crazy. I was cornered into upgrading to the new-look blogger yesterday (the buttons just appear to be placed elsewhere) and names vanished to be replaced as 'anonymous'. Some of those who 'disappeared' are Storm, nilla, mack and noni moss.

I can hear the sound track of the X-files playing.


Anonymous said...

i think its fixed now.. lol.. i came to get a healthy does of laspapi today.. fun times!!!i think i have a toothache or something(weird)

Aramide said...

Have u been on a blogging roll or what!! I have missed quite a bit oh! Damn have to come back and read "EACH BY EACH" heheheh lol excuse the french.

I was also cornered into upgrading....what are the changes?

laspapi said...

missed your presence, mona. Was actually reading your 'ridiculous' post when your comments came in here.

Can't see any real changes, I think they just wanted 'yahoo' people like me to change to gmail. I have laspapi@gmail as well now