Friday, February 02, 2007

Met up with Agatha of the TV Talk Show, Inside Out, at her office and after the matter she asked us to meet on was sorted, decided to start off with her as the first subject of a new series on my blog titled the bold, the cool & the beautiful. In the series, I'll be talking to the literatti, the glitteratti and all the other rattis I come across from time to time.

Inside Out with Agatha.

Your middle name?
Uyor (means joy in Ebu Language, Delta State)

Where will you be in 10 years?
I have no idea. (thinks) Richer, happier, Inside Out will be international, my son will be out of University, my daughter will be in University, I’ll be content with life, hopefully where ever I find myself is where I’ll want to be.

Do you believe in true love?
(laughs) It's very difficult to find but it’s there. Once in a green moon, people find their soul mates.

Your hope for Nigeria?
I believe in Nigeria. I can’t live anywhere else, this is home. I pray for leaders that love Nigeria more than themselves, that put service above self.

Laspapi asked Agatha to play words and associations:



Marriage?……………Wahala! (Trouble)

Laspapi?…………….Eccentric, rubbish, stubborn.

If you weren’t into TV, what would you be doing?
Banking or some other serious profession

Favourite Perfume?
Beautiful-Estee Lauder

Who do you look up to?

Favourite Holiday Destination?
The Seychelles, even though I haven’t been there yet. Saw pictures of my sister’s visit.

Favourite Musician?
I have a wide range.

Last book read?
“Yellow, Yellow” by Kaine Agary (pronounced (kaini)

A word for posterity?
Life is short, death is short. Its not how long but how well.


Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Awww Agatha, i remember her show. Very Passionate lady. She's looking good, Naija is doing her well,LOL.

Anonymous said...

The bold, the cool, and the beautiful? Great idea, laspapi.

laspapi said...

aye, child of beauty. She's in the thick of things here.

I think I'll adopt your title for my series, Araceli

feefey said...

so u're eccentric, rubbish, and stubborn; my fave characteristics of a
oya update oh
and thanks 4 droppin by, mehn anything can happen, that a fact

laspapi said...

you're sure you can handle traits like that, mimi?

I'll update soon, trying not to push "The Nigeria Series" off the top spot just yet.

I'll be back soon to "see" you.

feefey said...

okay, i'll be waitin to "see" u, and erm i wasn't really clear on the "sch father" thingy; to be or not to be...
yours patiently waitin

Anonymous said...

lmao@her description for you...eccentric huh?!.. that's usually a good thing sha(lol.. i'm probably sayin so because i've been called that numerous times in my life). i've never heard of her either but i just love the idea of this series.

laspapi said...

Never heard of Agatha and "Inside Out", Storm? This July, she'd have been on TV for 10 years. She shows on 15 stations nationwide.

jak said...

I am jealous Laspaps - you get to meet all these wonraful peoples. I want to meet 2face... can you make that happen??? ~smiling~

laspapi said...

Now, I'm jealous, damsel. You want to meet 2face before meeting me?
Ok, pick the continent and I'll see what I can arrange for you.

Aramide said...

I'm trying to imagine her/her personality...words help but still can't really visualise...well done xxxx

laspapi said...

Thanx mona.
Agatha's fun-loving, basically. confident etc. She loves her work too.

jak said...

Smiling more than ever now - Oh please, do not be jealous - 2face is my first love (I can't deny him)... I'm in the good ol' US of A