Friday, June 01, 2007


The call continues to all Nigerian bloggers, worldwide to become a part of An anthology of the greatest works of Nigerian Bloggers-

A book called Naija bloggers Vol 1.

Nigerian Bloggers around the globe are requested to send in their stories for publication in a physical anthology, the first of its kind by any group of bloggers on any continent.

The categories are anecdotes, short stories, poetry, prose, drama and essays but there is room for as many sub-categories as are sent in as the book will also serve as a platform where artistes can showcase architectural/interior/exterior designs, photography, paintings as well as fashion and textile designs. Submissions are therefore welcome on any topic whether covered here or not.

Bloggers may submit up to 5 entries on any topic or issue but no blogger may have more than 3 works published. The Copyright of Articles remains the possession of the original writers.

The profiles of writers will be added to the anthology (those who wish to remain anonymous may do so, however)

Royalties will be discussed with selected contributors before publication.

The intention is to publish worldwide in stages, first stage being Nigeria and to make the book available all over the world.

It is expected that a compilation of the best of Nigerian minds on the internet will make fantastic reading, show a new and much needed side of Nigerians to the entire world, as well as give access to those who are not internet-inclined.

Submissions should be sent to not later than Friday, June the 15th 2007 stating date of blogging and blogname/address.

Please note that submission does not automatically guarantee the publication of all or any of the works. The final selection will be made by respected Nigerian writers including Jahman Anikulapo, Editor of the Guardian on Sunday.

Kindly link this post on your blog.

co-ordinator- laspapi

ps. Comments by some bloggers reveal hesitancy in being part of the anthology on account of a lack of confidence in their own writing abilities. There are many brilliant Nigerian bloggers out there. Stand up and be counted.

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Idemili said...

Perhaps you could choose for me? Which ones would you like to read about?

I am quite indecisive.

laspapi said...

I will have to spend time "with you", Idemili.
I'll come round soon

Unknown said...

Hey laspapi, I think I've finally selected 5 articles to submit (you can't imagine how difficult that was). Are we to send the full articles by email or just the links?

laspapi said...

you can send the full articles by mail, tayo. Just cut and paste to

Unknown said...

@anon - There's no need to come up here and make a statement like that. I also need to re-read the post and get it right the second time around, the book is not about the bloggers, it is an anthology of their if you are a blogger and you want to be included in the anthology go ahead and submit but if you are not interested, please keep it civil

laspapi - thanks for the reminder...I looked at the calendar and realized that the deadline is almost here...I also placed a reminder on my blog

laspapi said...

jola, don't trouble yourself.

Aramide said...

This is all well and good but some of us have procrastinated as we have ahd a lot ofthings on our plate(s)....I started working only on one entry's not easy coming up with sassy things to talk about especially when it's in a book. Will email