Sunday, March 18, 2007

The beautiful child even though thousands of miles away, found this newspaper interview on laspapi just published today and sent the link to me. Thank you, omosewa, I'll find that paper. Fame at last. Read story here.


Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

You're welcome Laspapi!!! LOL @posting it on your car hehehe. Keep doing your thing, i think you're very interesting!

Unknown said...

Thats more than a couple of degrees in law. Diversification cometh soonest. LOL!! Well done on ur various achievements.

So you like being around women huh? Show me an african man who doesent? LOL!!

Nilla said...

lol @ fame at last.

Did you notice that they repeated some of your sentences or paragraph.

Have a wonderful week!

Noni Moss said...

Loll - interesting ariticle although I dont think the writing did you justice.

Noni Moss said...

Hey Laspapi - where's this week's Girl Whisperer column?

Waffarian said...

laspipi! so na so u dey popular! na wah oh!

laspapi said...

Thanks, Omosewa, you're very sweet.

@ calabar gal- This woman thing, Cali girl, I hope it doesn't get me in trouble

@ nilla- I did, but not being the typographer you can't hold me for that one. Where've you been, nilla?

(blushing @ noni)- you think too highly of me, noni.
Its coming up

@ waffy- babe, de t'in surprise me too

Anonymous said...

oh this was beautiful... fantastic writeup... surgeon... you're not taking it easy on them oh... lol.. i agree with noni... it didn't really do you justice

Anonymous said... u like women alright. I'm not surprised cos most of d pics on your blog r all of women and u're staging a play based on women. Nice one. ;)

laspapi said...

Thanx, Storm,I'm worried a policeman at some checkpoint's gonna remember the names I called them in the interview and ka-boom!