Sunday, March 25, 2007

We were rehearsing "Anatomy..." when in came another Queen of the screen and stage, Kate Henshaw and one of my favourite persons. I made the mistake of betting with Kate as she entered that I had been featured in the edition of True Love Magazine she held in her hand and which she was refusing to let go off.
After a struggle with her for the magazine and a call to Ebun Olatoye, a ‘top somebody’ at True Love, I heard the edition I’ll be in, is the next one.
Kate collected.
Kate who starred in laspapi's stage play, "The Other Side", will be featured next on this blog's interview series, The Bold, The Cool & The Beautiful. Watch this space.
I’m off to Muson to break a leg.


Ms zee said...

yipeee.... good job with the interviews. I wait for Kate's.....

Anonymous said...

To break leg ke?

Please don't keep us waiting o! I want to see kate's word association

Anonymous said...

Lovely lady. She came to support her BFF. I love her closeness with Stella. I wonder how they started their friendship. Two buriful angels.

laspapi said...

coming soon, mizz zee. You back from your travels?

@ babs- very shortly, architect, very shortly

@ wienna- They're great friends, I can vouch for that. Its delightful to see them laughing together.

Waffarian said...

It is monday!!!!!!how did it go? Laspipi, hope it was a success!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hope d play went well and how's d turn-out.

Noni Moss said...

Hey Laspapi - how did it go??? Have you recovered yet ;-)?

omohemi Benson said...

The play was good,very simple,funny,also expressing truth.

Aramide said...

Awww hope it went well? :o) I thought of you yesterday at 6pm hehe and wondered what it'd be like, I'm definitely attending one of your plays when next I'm around provided there is something on.

What is "The Other Side" about? Was there a flyer for this

Naija Vixen said...

I luv Kate...she's just a great actress abeg...cant wiat for the u dey Laspapi?

Ore said...

It was good to meet you yesterday. I had been wanting to see one of your plays for a while, so it was great to finally have the opportunity. I really really enjoyed it. Looks like you have women totally figured out.

Chude! said...

Congrats Wole. Everyone said the play was great! well, actually I mean everyone who was my friend who I asked. Lol.

But you know what I always tell you now? So what else is new? Wole is a playwright genius! Lol

Well done. And really admire your taking time out to blog ON THE DAY of your show! I could NEVER do that!!!


laspapi said...

@ waffarian- I would like to think it was successful, waffy.

@ wienna- thanks, it went well, turn-out was alright

@ noni- I can't lie, not fully recovered o. Staggered to the office today and fell asleep on a couch then went to the galleria to see "Smoking Aces" with Affleck and Andy Garcia. That was nice.

@ Omohemi- How come you didn't talk to me? I wanted to meet you. I met other bloggers, Ore and Jesus Gurl

@ mona- You must attend o. I remember you boned my side when you came in December.
"The Other Side" is a reversal of roles, with Europe and America being lands of lack and Africa, a land of prosperity. A caucasian comes to Lagos in search of a better life. There is a flier on this blog somewhere.

@ naija vixen- Kate came to watch the play too and had great fun. (she said so). Someday, if I can handle 2 'giants', I might try to get kate and stella in the same play. Interview will be posted soon.

@ ore- It was very good to see you too, I'm glad you came. I hope to see you at more of these shows.
Women, Ore... just when you think you have the answers, they change the questions.

chude- thanks, man. Was surprised to see Bola and Emilia alone representing "The Future Awards". Have mercy on me and give me a life-time achievement award if you think I don't qualify as under 30 (hehe)
As for blogging early on show day, I think I was trying to undo knotted nerves.

Aramide said...

Ok will look for flyer, I didn't bone your side oh i'm so sowwy :o(

All the best xx

laspapi said...

thanx mona, you're too sweet not to be forgiven. xxx

laspapi said...

"mona, calypso baby, she's the mama for me". felt like singing that song