Friday, March 30, 2007


Should bloggers seek themselves out? I'm not talking about those who've found love in each other's arms (I know t'ings are happening even if you're all keeping mum) but friendly types now. I'm saying "should laspapi have a show and expect all the bloggers (and regular commentators) in the house to salute one of theirs at the end of it?"

Should I go to the USA and expect to meet with Nilla, Jola and Omosewa because we get on well or attend a show biz jam in England and shout out the vixen's name when she comes in? Should I see Bella Naija, Mona or Noni Moss when on holiday and invite them to a pub or do we keep our distance?

Is anonymity preferable or should we the lift the veil if given the chance? I'm a firm believer in veil-lifting and gradually this community is being welded together. Some people will advance in certain areas simply because they know others. It's the 'old school' thing and like everywhere people congregate, the planet blog is no exception.
But there are some who would keep their identities to themselves, at least for the while, separating day to day lives from the blogscape. Omohemi and 36 inches made me think about it, because they came to my show and after, walked on by. Its everyone's prerogative, really, whether you want to be seen or not.

The question is, "To lift or not to lift"

ps. for those who might not know, molara wood led me to blogging.

pps. 36 inches- I would mentally have measured those legs o, and if they had been an inch shorter than you claim, announced it over the p.a. system.

ppps. omohemi, don't review another play if you don't say hello

pppps. I'm glad I know you all, revealed and otherwise. You've made my world a more colourful place.


Waffarian said...

ehhhhhh, me, If land your show, I expect a shout out oh! even self, you must to buy me maltina and meat pie!

omohemi Benson said...

Haba! e no reach dat one now.
Maybe next time,just maybe.
It is fun when you don't lift the veil you know.

Naija Vixen said... to read,but you know what they say..."the thot is always far more exciting than the deed"...but im sure it wuld be fun to meet you...oya send me VIP tikts and plane tikt for one of your shows oh!!!

laspapi said...

I'll do much more, waffy

@ omohemi- looking forward to it, omohemi

@ vixen- Plane ticket? With all the play's profits? Take your time, vixen.

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion is good and already happening in several sectors of the greater blogosphere. The key is having some umbrella association that can facilitate 'meet-ups' with bloggers that share similar interests. In the absence of this, all we can do is continue using and leveraging available virtual means meeting peers. The good news is that soon, the African blogosphere will be treated to an innovative platform that permits these activities.

Unknown said...

'Should I go to the USA and expect to meet with Nilla, Jola and Omosewa because we get on well' -

You bet...I'd be more than happy to meet you and lift the veil as you put it. I think it is an individual blogger's prerogative whether to lift the veil and seek each other. The internet can be a cold and hard place and making virtual friends is a great way to warm things up...but it has to be mutually accepted

We can even form a blogger's friends progressive association...just joking.

But you bring up a great and somewhat sensitive issue...some people blog for many reasons and for others it might be that they are blogging to find an anonymous way to let off some steam and they want to remain strictly anonymous.

I started blogging because I wanted to write and meet fellow creative minds and I am glad I did.

Look forward to meeting you stateside whenever you make the trip and who knows..we may just come to you...

laspapi said...

well said, imnakoya. I hope it happens for us here soon

@ jola- That'd be very nice, jola. When you make naija too, you're one of the bloggers I must introduce to the literatti.

@ imnakoya and jola- its obvious both of you have given considerable thought to the matter. I think there are advantages in meeting those who are willing. As jola said though, some might want to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

Noni Moss said...

Lolll - lifting for me involves trust and that is a two way street. You're open about your identity so have nothing to lose. I would need an act of faith on your part I guess to make the jump. I'd be more than happy to meet up when next you're around or I'm around ;-)

BTW - I never said - the play is really good. I guess I would need to see it to see how it translates but from what I read, I thought you explored the concepts relatively well. How well has it done? Up to your expectations? Are you taking it on the road?

laspapi said...

I guess I sarted this blogger journey with no intention to be anonymous. For me, its never been an option. The alter-ego, laspapi, for me isnt like spider man and peter parker.
So what would the act of faith be?
thankx for the comment on the script. If I can get sponsors,I'll hit the road soon. Have cash, will travel.
Thanx, noni.

Noni Moss said...

Oh for me your act of faith was sending me your script. :-)
For all you knew - I could be some 419 person who would shamelessly plagarize your play and try and get it published here. ;-)

Kiibaati said...

"Have cash, will travel."

I've always had an arm chair interest in how much =N= goes into staging a life play, especially without corporate endorsements and sponsorships.

Laspapi, is it doable?

laspapi said...

ah no, noni. I could feel your person. All those 'cusses' at fire-works throwers and bus drivers not only made me laugh all the time but gave me an idea of you. And your pride se'f wouldnt have let you do that.

@ kiibaati- without corporate endorsements and sponsorship, you'll go very hungry. I've been there. And being consistent in production means I re-visit hunger's domain from time to time. If the love of the Arts drives you, be prepared. Prof Soyinka told me years ago, writers go hungry. The rule still applies.

Its do-able, but returns arent instant.

Anonymous said...

lol... if i ever reached a show... I would just scream from the hallway...

laspapi said...

@ Storm- I'd be screaming as I raced towards you too