Monday, March 26, 2007

laspapi's "The Girl Whisperer" as published in the Sunday Guardian of March 25

The Girl Whisperer

(In search of El Dorado)

I started this column with the major categories of females- the thorough-bred, the girl-next-door, the free spirit, the material girl and the jerry springer, but there is one more I must add, brought to mind by my friend, noni moss. This is “daddy’s girl”, a girl in search of the perfect man and who unknowingly compares all men who come into her life with her father. She can never forget daddy anticipated all her needs, wiped her tears, was there when she fell to lift and comfort her and would listen to her endless chatter without complaining. As a result of this, Daddy’s girl goes in search of ‘El Dorado’ or the perfect relationship. She seeks a ready-made man, with an expensive car, a great physique and a sense of humour, who earns money faster than she can spend it, is patient, doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t snore or fart around the house, listens to her endless chattering etc. When she meets potential mates, she tells them, “my daddy used to…” setting the teeth of the mate on edge and forcing an exit earlier than planned by the mate.

Mummy’s boy who is the reverse of Daddy’s girl, being fixated on his own mother, goes in search of a woman who has great beauty but is submissive, cooks like a five-star hotel’s chef, has the body of Naomi Campbell, a natural body musk headier than any expensive perfume, has the business acumen and intelligence of Oprah Winfrey, is as sexy as Agbani Darego, Nigeria’s former Miss World, and possesses the humour of Ellen De Generes. This is possible… in your dreams.

The dictionary defines El Dorado as being a “fictitious country or city abounding in gold”. Many a man has fallen for this illusion, like a thirsty person sees an oasis in the desert when there is really nothing there. For those who are not prepared to face reality, they can spend their entire lives, searching, looking for the ultimate being until there is no more time and many beautiful possibilities have slipped through their hands. Daddy’s girl and Mummy’s boy must realise that the world isn’t perfect and a great part of life’s wonders rise from the fact that there is no complete package. Perfection lies only in movies and comic books and not every man and woman can look like Denzel Washington or Halle Berry and at the same time possess the wealth of Donald Trump.

When a woman goes in search of a mate, she should have a check-list of the things that are most important to her- A sense of humour, a healthy bank balance, patience, cleanliness, whatever her priorities might be. She may write ten traits or conditions she cannot live without and another ten she might consider bonuses if found in the package. (men do this too for your information).

If she can find eight of the ten things that are fundamental to her well-being, then she should go for the relationship. However, these conditions must be deliberated upon. What things would we not accept from a partner? A lack of hygiene? A tendency to lie? Arrogance? Placing a condition that a man must look like Indiana Jones or a woman like “Lara Croft” in the movie, Tomb Raider, is not advisable. By the way, Angelie Jolie’s bosom was digitally enhanced in the movie, Tomb Raider, which should tell you things are not always what they seem even when beautifully packaged.

Next week, we’ll discuss how to “Pimp your Bride”.


Waffarian said...

This laspipi self! Anyway, glad to hear everything went well!

Aramide said...

I love this article and congrats again :o)

Also please include pimping ur ride -- on a budget! lol

Noni Moss said...

:-D nice one laspapi!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading what you write.
I'm a reverse Daddy's girl.My dad was soooo bad.Very lousy dad. Rage and anger filled. Turned my mother and us children into daily punsching bags. Incurable womaniser.Stingy to a fault(well to his family but not to the numerous women he was chasing).So I was petrified and terrified of men.
Anyway,when choosing a spouse I decided to look for anyone who was the exact OPPOSITE of my father. If I saw even a remote likeness to my dad I would end all communications with that suitor.I'm happily married now and glad to know that not all men are like my dad. I swear the man left me scarred for life. I thank God for good husbands

omohemi Benson said...
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omohemi Benson said...

True word man,
there is no such things as perfect man o! At all,because no one including the lady searching for this mystery man is perfect.
Just know what woorks for you.

Nice article.

laspapi said...

thanks, waffy

@ my mona lisa- I'll look at the budget side soon.

@ noni- thanks, ms moss

@ anonymous- Sorry to hear about what you and your mum went through and glad you made the right choice of spouse. Sometimes people are drawn to the same sort of men their fathers were, which is a collasal error if he wasnt so great. Wishing you joy and happiness.

@ omohemi- I agree with you on that. Totally.

Anonymous said...

Oga, your woman must be lucky to have the you the "girl whisperer" as hers.

Now, I need to enrol my hubby in your school. His first class should be understanding sisi eko 101. Where can we fill out the application form :-)?

laspapi said...

@ anon- application forms available by writing laspapi, anonymous.
I like to whisper to the girls because they instinctively understand, men, on the other hand, are an obstinate lot.
For your sake though, I'll sign him up for the course.